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Tony Castle
CEO of Castle Consulting
"The benefits provided by TCS' fully-integrated administration, management, and deployment tools, which enables the IT organization to tightly control all mobile assets and applications, together with a bulletproof integrated security solution, makes this an easy sale to the CTO."

Bruce Steele
Senior Vice President for Sales at ePartners
"Our clients are looking for ways to improve adoption and usage of their SFA systems. ePartners has successfully introduced the TCS Mobility solution to several of our clients, improving their ability to access and transact with critical sales data from a handheld device. These customers are seeing significant improvements in sales productivity while at customer sites."

Benjamin Holtz
President and CEO of Green Beacon Solutions
"A secure mobile solution that will provide our customers their Onyx application and data when they need it, whether they are connected or not, has been a high priority. TCS Mobility for Onyx meets this critical requirement."

Patrick Loop
CEO of Relationship Systems
"We used the TCS Mobilty Connector for SalesLogix and the TCS Mobility™ Designer to build a custom mobile sales application for the copier dealer market," TCS' tools helped us take this desktop application and deliver a mobile version in a matter of days."