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Benefits to Developers & IT:

Faster development and deployment.


Lower Maintenance Costs


Leverage the platform for future applications


Support mixed device and application environments


Simplifies the management for all mobile initiatives

APIs & Integration

Built around the VMAP are a rich set of API's which allow TCS to support a nearly limitless range of applications with this same level of communication performance.

Mobile Application (Integration) Studio

This GUI toolset provides a drag/drop interface for quickly building custom connections to existing applications. The Mobile Application Studio generates Java code automatically, and dramatically reduces the time required to build a mobile application connector. It also provides a common set of tools for mobilizing applications across mixed device and mixed network environments.

Client APIs

In addition to the core communication APIs, the TCS client has been engineered to provide full application portability by delivering a consistent set of device side API's across Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. By allowing access to the client side data stores, synchronization engine, user interface (UI) and other core components, TCS is able to provide IT administrators and developers with a clear mobile evolution path, while maintaining an unparalleled level of security, ease of use and manageability.

Server API's

The TCS Server is built around a component-based architecture. Perhaps the most central of these components is the Application Connector, which provides for a base set of interfaces and tools that customers can use to interface with packaged and custom backend applications. Designed to be highly flexible, these tools allow for application integration with COM/DCOM, custom C API's, Java API's, J2EE systems, XML, Web services, and custom database based applications.
Other server components include Message Service, Push interface, Synchronization engine, and Database pool.