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Benefits to Developers & IT:

Faster development and deployment.


Lower Maintenance Costs


Leverage the platform for future applications


Support mixed device and application environments


Simplifies the management for all mobile initiatives


While the TCS Mobile Application Platform (VMAP) provides provides a cost effective means to mobilizing just a single business application, it can also be leveraged to mobilize any and all backend enterprise applications over time.

The TCS Mobile Application Platform (VMAP) is a truly extensible, scalable mobile platform. From the ground up, the TCS Mobile Application Platform (VMAP) was designed to give customers a single, cost effective tool to meet all of their mobile application needs.

This design helps make TCS a “future proof” solution, by allowing a company to economically address a departmental need today, and to leverage that investment as a foundation for all future enterprise mobile initiatives.

Adding new applications and user groups to the VMAP is easy. Customers can mobilize any new application by adding new application connector into their TCS Mobile Application platform, and then pushing the client out to users over the air. And, of course, these newly mobilized applications- as well as the users, their devices, and the associated security- can be fully managed and supported through the same set of tools used to manage existing mobile applications.