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Financial Services

Mobile Wholesaler Solution is an out-of-the-box wireless software application for mutual fund and annuity wholesalers. It connects to a firm’s existing wholesaler sales system and enables wholesalers to have mobile access to their deals, activities, contacts, calendars, and sales history.

Mobile Institutional Solution is an out-of-the-box wireless software application for institutional sales teams. It connects to a firm’s existing sales system and enables institutional and group sales reps to track opportunities and grow assets under management.

Financial Reporting Dashboard is a pre-packaged wireless software application that enables managers to get instant access to their reports and business performance data. The Reporting Dashboard gives managers the tools to make informed decisions, and to proactively address problems before they escalate. And data gets refreshed automatically.

With TCS, the Wholesaler, Institutional and Reporting applications – and all the data – reside securely on BlackBerry or Microsoft Mobile devices, giving sales reps and managers full “off-line” functionality, even when away from wireless coverage. And new data gets pushed to users automatically.

Key Benefits:

Maximizes rep and manager productivity by transforming downtime to up-time.

Guarantees availability of critical information during unplanned client interactions.

Helps reps increase competitive advantage at the point of interaction with clients.

Improves client satisfaction by increasing responsiveness and timely follow-through to client needs.