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TCS dramatically improves technicians’ efficiency & productivity, helping your IT HelpDesk better serve its customers, and your IT department to meet and beat SLA goals.

TCS’ unique technology ensures that ticketing applications are always available, and gives techs instant access to all their tickets & incidents. Full “off-line” functionality and automatic sync’ing between the device and server lets you coordinate and dynamically route teams and technicians to MAXIMIZE departmental productivity.

TCS Unique Features:

Applications – and all the data – reside locally on the device, 100% “Off-Line” Functionality – regardless of wireless coverage.

Rapid navigation and sub-second response time.

New Tickets Automatically Pushed to Device and updates get automatically sent to the backend server – real time.

Tremendous data storage lets you deliver knowledge bases to the device

Rapid, Low Cost Implementation. Pre-packaged applications speed deployment time.

TCS’ Business Impact:

Faster response in the field

30 minutes per day additional productivity PER SERVICE TECHNICIAN.

Adds tremendous efficiency and improved department capacity, without adding head count

Less time spent getting and updating data

Immediate updates to ticket information

TCS helps you to meet, and beat your SLA goals, by dramatically improving support processes

Guaranteed performance and availability: Service Ticket data is available whenever your technicians need it, not just when the network can deliver it.