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Security Highlights:

Leverage your existing LDAP, Active Directory or NIS, or two factor authentication tools.


Client-server communications are protected from eavesdropping and malicious attack by Certicom encryption algorithms.


Administrators can define their own encryption strength.


Full client side data encryption protects data is device is lost or stolen.


Lease Key technology fully secures client data, even if the device is taken offline


TCS recognizes that security is one of the most critical and resource intensive components of any enterprise solution. This is especially true with mobile solutions, where corporate data is taken beyond the physical confines of the office.

This is why TCS has taken end-to-end mobile security a step beyond the competition with a unique solution that addresses all states of mobility. In addition to providing best-of-breed authentication and encryption for data communications, TCS has developed a unique Lease Key technology that :

Fully protects applications & data when the device is offline,

Allows reactivation of applications and data without having to repopulate from the server.

The TCS Mobile Application Platform solves the shortcomings of traditional mobile security by transferring the TCS Lease Key along with the application data. This lease key is used to fully secure the application data throughout its lifespan, even when the device is taken offline, or is invisible to the network. By effectively providing users with an administrator defined window of access, TCS’ unique lease key approach provides two critical benefits to our customers:

Data is fully secured, even when the device is taken offline: Since the lease key can expire while the device is not connected to the network, the TCS application data becomes immediately inaccessible to the user. When the lease key expires, the data on the device is rendered “invisible” and is inaccessible until the user is re-authenticated with the backend server.

Data is kept secure, without being deleted: The expiration of the lease key does not delete the data on the device. However, the data is inaccessible until the user is re-authenticated with the backend server.

This re-authentication process generates a new lease key for the device, which then makes the data immediately available, without having to wait for it to be repopulated. This approach helps to maximize user productivity, without forcing administrators to sacrifice security for usability.