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Benefits to Developers & IT:

Faster development and deployment.


Lower Maintenance Costs


Leverage the platform for future applications


Support mixed device and application environments


Simplifies the management for all mobile initiatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) We have both BlackBerry and PocketPC devices at my company; can TCS support both of these device types simultaneously?

A) Yes! TCS solutions provide a superior level of performance across both device types. Plus, our Mobile Design Studio and Management Console give you the ability to build to, view and manage this mixed device environment in a heterogeneous manner.


Q) My company has two preferred cellular service providers (one for employees who travel internationally and one for employees who are domestic focused). Can I use TCS across both user groups?

A) Yes! TCS is network agnostic, so you can run your applications across both carriers’ networks, even if they use different air interface standards (i.e. GSM/GPRS and CDMA 1xRTT). Plus, since with TCS the application and all the data reside on the device, your users will get a consistently superior level of application performance and responsiveness, whether they’re overseas or across the hall, even if they can’t get a wireless signal.


Q) Can TCS run over WiFi?

A) Yes! TCS is truly network agnostic, and is capable of leveraging all flavors of public and private WiFi for connectivity and sync’ing.


Q) I’m interested in mobilizing my HelpDesk team, but in most parts of my building, cellular signals are weak or non-existent. Does this mean I’m stuck?

A) No! TCS recognizes that even the best wireless networks aren’t ubiquitous. Dead spots are a reality, especially when users are in buildings, so TCS has designed our applications to be fully functional, regardless of network coverage. With TCS, your IT team can have full mobile access to their HelpDesk applications, data, and functionality, even when they have no wireless signal. Any “actions” they take (i.e. closing service tickets) will be saved locally, and all changes will automatically sync when the technician comes back into wireless coverage.


Q) What advantages does the TCS approach to enterprise and application mobility have over Web/WAP based mobile applications?

A) With Web/WAP based applications, users must be connected to the network to use the application, so the performance your users experience will be very dependent on network issues, such as latency and congestion. However, TCS’ approach to mobility leverages our proprietary compression technology which allows secure storage of the application- and in most cases 100% of the data- directly on the device. This means that your applications and your critical data are always available to your users, regardless of network covers, and users have the ability to access and drill down into their data with a nearly instantaneous response times. These always on/always available, user friendly qualities of TCS help you drive the most efficiency and productivity gains out of your mobile investment.