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At the core of all TCS solutions is the scalable TCS Mobile Application Platform (VMAP). It is designed to serve both the point solution needs of specific departments, and to provide a foundation for any future enterprise mobile initiatives.

Where TCS Sits in the Mobile Enterprise

Firms Can Mobilize Application in 3 Easy Steps

In addition to providing best-of-breed mobile data security, TCS mobile platform enables customers to rapidly deploy packaged, homegrown applications onto BlackBerrys and Microsoft-powered PDA and Treo devices.

As a powerful enabler of real-time mobile communications, the TCS Mobile Application Platform provides the underlying foundation for leveraging secure, optimized access to enterprise data from mobile devices.

Unique Technology Features

TCS Lease Key Security: Fully secures your firm’s data – even when the device is “off the network” or if its radio signal if turned OFF. If a device is lost or stolen, Lease Key renders the applications and data inaccessible- even if the device is taken “off network” and can’t be “killed” by the BES or device management server. This End-To-End Security capability is critical from a “compliance” perspective, and is only available from TCS.

To learn more about TCS’ Security Technology, click here.

Data Compression Technology: Optimize user experience and productivity. TCS compression technology allows your applications – and virtually all the data – to reside on the device, giving workers instant access to their information – regardless of wireless coverage or signal strength. This approach is far superior to typical browser-based or forms-based approaches that require frequent over-the-air data queries – which can be slow, require the wireless network to be available, and impact performance of the backend applications.

With TCS compression technology, users can securely store 100mb of data in just 10mb on the device, or approximately 200,000 records on the BlackBerry, and 250,000 records on Microsoft-based PDAs. This is 200 times more device-based data storage than any other vendor.

Data Synchronization Engine: This Object-Based, multi-threaded sync engine enables a single TCS server to support one or more versions of an application that are deployed on either BlackBerry or Windows Mobile. It eliminates data inconsistency problems common with most other firms Data Table Sync’ing and simplifies application logic.

To learn more about TCS’ Data Sync Technology, click here.

Drag-and-Drop Mobile Application Design Studio: Cuts application development time in half and dramatically reduces support costs.

Rapid Application Development for Mobile Applications

No Coding Required

Drag and Drop Screen Creation with Flexible Data Layout

Seamless Deployment to Production

To learn more about the TCS Mobile Application Studio, click here.